Friday, August 19, 2005

Fuel For Thought

How did we ever survive? By simply raising gasoline prices a few cents, people in this country are outraged. Notify your state and federal reps! This is an outrage! Something must be done immediately! Yet on the way through town in your (said as a collective. No, I am not picking on anyone, just trying to initiate some common sense) obese SUV that doesn't even go off roading in the front yard, and large enough to transport the neighborhood, we stop by the local mini mart to purchase water at an average of $1.25 for 16 fl. oz!! If the price of water escalated at the price of gas, I doubt if many would care at all. Yet some drink 6-8 of these per day. I wonder if they even realize that they are forcing themselves to use the water closet more. Hmmmm, where is that water going? But, that's just my opinion.


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