Monday, May 08, 2006

Respect Your Elders ... Pffft

For the last several months, you can't seem to go a day without hearing about, in some capacity, Medicare Part D. I understand that any changes in the Medicare system affect millions of people, but what really impresses me is that millions of people can't figure it out ... and the rest of us are forced to watch commercials about it over and over! For crying out loud senior citizens ... CAN'T YOU READ? You survived growing up in a depression by doing without and stretching a dollar further than it was meant to go, fought in two major conflicts, lived in constant fear of nuclear annihilation with "duck and cover" ... and a lousy government prescription plan change is enough to cause this state of panic? What happened, I thought you were "The Greatest Generation"? I can't believe that all it took was a governmental form full of double-talk and red tape to stump you. Is this what I have to look forward to in my golden years ... becoming a simpleton?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps. : > I don't watch TV and don't pay much attention to the Medicare stuff. I'm average intelligence, have a good command of reading and understanding the English language. Hand me a government authored paper, my eyes glaze over, I long for simplicity, "just sum it up for me", what the puck are you saying? After my Dad died, my Mom was so confused with the Health Insurance paper work, she simply paid all the bills. Costing herself a lot of money she wasn't liable to pay.

I lived in another state at the time and had three small children, and did spend some weekends reading it and filling out the forms. Alzheimer's does run in the family, and I guess even then she was being affected. But I was young and it frustrated me.

Anyway, the program was put into effect and the Elders paid into the system, being told they would have Health Care in their olden years. Now they are being told they can not get what they paid for, the affordable Health Clinics are being closed down, due to Budget cuts, so it pretty much leaves them without health care at all.

There is also the lifetime employee, being sued by his(her) company, after the Medical Insurance policy was changed, and they are no longer eligible for benefits, paid for and promised. They can not afford to go to court with their former company, so simply sign off their rights. Don't know if I explained that quite right. The info was in a recent Readers Digest article.

May 09, 2006 4:52 AM  
Blogger Angrysenior said...

RIGHT ON! I'm shocked that so many of my senior friends are just lining up for the fleecing! I did an analysis of just what Part D will cost me. See the surprising results at

May 09, 2006 9:08 AM  

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