Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things Are Really Heating Up

The National Academy of Sciences, researching global warming at the request of Congress, has concluded that the average global surface temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere has indeed rose about 1 degree during the 20th century. The report also went on to say "the recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia." A panel of top climate scientists told lawmakers that the Earth is heating up and that "human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming." Greenhouse gases ... or something more? I'm sure if we try hard enough, we can organize a movement to pin this one on smokers ... everything else is ultimately their fault, why not this too? Perhaps after enacting mandatory national pollution control laws years ago, these yum yums finally realized the rest of the world just doesn't care about saving Mother Earth ... but at least we can say we did our part. Maybe it's a higher power trying to make a point about where we will eventually end up because of our destructive behavior towards ourselves and lack of respect for one another. Regardless, the scientific report brings to light information that could potentially cause our own self destruction. Maybe I'll consider taking their findings seriously when we start using all this scientific knowledge to get tomorrow's weather right.


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