Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Can Do It ... We Can Help

In Massachusetts, some home improvement contractors and do it yourself home owners alike are getting far more than an updated bathroom after they purchased a new vanity from Home Depot. There have been multiple reports to police across the state about people opening their new bathroom fixture box/packaging and finding large quantities of drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine. Police suspect the contraband is not originating from the Home Depot, but rather somewhere else in the manufacturing and shipping process or warehousing and distribution. The cops also went on to say that they believe these boxes were supposed to be intercepted by the intended recipient far before they ever reached their final destinations, and either the interceptor wasn't working that day or the boxes were marked improperly. I would only think that such a bathroom piece, obviously named because of its own excessive self admiration, would more likely yield mass quantities of stolen Botox, illegal high test diet pills, or the morning after pill. I guess true vanity, like great works of art, is up to interpretation.


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