Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Really, I Think It's A Joke. Why Else Would It Happen?

You're cruising down the interstate, when you come up on a lane closure ahead. Now you're stuck in a bottleneck with everyone attempting to merge into one lane. With a yank of the wheel and a bite of your tongue, you maneuver in line and crawl at a mind boggling 3-9 miles per hour for what seems to be an eternity. About seven miles into this trek, you see the second lane opening up again and it dawns on you. You can't believe it's true ... no, it can't be ... it is. You have all been stuck in this single file silliness for absolutely no reason at all. I guess the road crew put out their full arsenal of cones for no purpose whatsoever other than to annoy us all. Everywhere you look, no workers, trucks, equipment, not even a lunchbox. Well, maybe they got called to something else that was of such magnitude, they had no choice but to leave traffic in disarray due to an insurmountable time restraint. Nope, stuck again tomorrow. I could be wrong, but I swear I caught a glimpse of a screaming green vest in the woods, and he was laughing at us all.


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