Thursday, September 08, 2005

Physical Labor Not Included

Yes, the rumors you may have heard all over the web are unfortunately true, my t.v. has somehow become incapacitated. But fear not, I have installed the 13" bedroom receiver on my wife's kitchen step stool inside the entertainment center.(elevation needed for a better visibility factor) Unlike my normal purchasing habits, I actually purchased a five year service plan with this set, so I gingerly picked up the phone to call for my free repair. Well ... the service people cannot get there for two weeks, so I guess I'll just have to be stuck in Smallville for a while. That happens. But here's the kicker, to quote the repair center, "The in home service personnel are not responsible, in any way, to move or carry the unit. And also keep in mind that if the set can't be fixed in your home, they may need to take it back to the shop for further evaluation" HOW??? Am I supposed to carry it for them???All the way to the shop??? Am I hearing this correctly??? I thought manhandling heavy t.v.'s was a given on the job description. That's like calling a roofer, and being told he will not carry any material to the roof ... that's your responsibility.


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