Monday, December 12, 2005

Brokeback Mountain: Hollywood Must Have Hit Bottom

I know I've gone off before about media outlets such as the news, filmmakers, and television attempting to slam societal diversity down everyone's throat, so open wide ... here comes another helping. Brokeback Mountain seems to be all the buzz in the entertainment world today. From what I gather, the movie is about two cowboys that somehow fall in love with each other. I only caught a short snippet of the promotional clips, but that was plenty enough for me to see that this "Oscar hopeful" will probably be nothing more than a chic flick. Personally, I think gay people have only recently gained enough social acceptance to live a normal life, finally not having to endure discrimination and persecution for their lifestyle. And just when the rewards of hard work are starting to pay off ... some yahoo in Hollywood, who needs to put a good selling picture together, chooses to showcase a still quite touchy subject and rekindle anger and misunderstanding. Way to go ... I hope you make millions, because you may have just single handedly pushed many back into the closet ... permanently. Do I support gays ... no. In my opinion, I find it completely disgusting ... for either gender. But, I do support personal rights and freedoms for all to live as they choose and it angers me to see so many, that have fought so hard, sometimes only getting inches at a time, risk getting thrown back 20 feet for the sole purpose producing a controversial film in the hopes of winning an Oscar.


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