Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hospitals Now Offer Drive-Thru Service

My friend works as an emergency room nurse at a local hospital. The other day, he told me a story that was an absolute side splitter; One Saturday night, an elderly lady wasn't feeling very well so she called her doctor. The doctor told her to go to the emergency room and get checked out ... so that's what she did. Upon arriving at the hospital, she carefully drove her car into the ER ... literally! The emergency room has an ambulance entrance with doors that open automatically via motion sensors to facilitate loading and unloading of patients that require emergent transportation. Although this particular entrance is off limits to the general public, there is a sign above the auto doors that reads "Emergency Room" and underneath in much smaller letters says "ambulance entrance". When the woman was questioned as to why she drove her car into the ER, she stated "I thought the ambulances came in through here, and my doctor told me to get to the ER." Yes this wrong turn is quite funny, but it raises several questions to me about senior citizens operating motor vehicles. If a person cannot see, hear, has terrible reaction time, and is on who knows what kind of medication, why are they allowed to drive? As a country, we all want safer roads and will stop at nothing, even invading personal rights, to get drunks off the road. But yet who knows how many blind, deaf, and drugged up elderly travel the same roads you and I do everyday ... and that doesn't bother anyone.


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