Wednesday, December 14, 2005

There's More To Life Than Work

I came across something in this mornings newspaper that troubled me some. When I got to the obituary page, I couldn't help but notice one that particularly stood out. This write up started as most do, and said what most say ... but had an interesting ending, "He was a hard worker". At first I thought the family felt as though this was a chance to honor the man for all he accomplished in life, and thank him for being the fruitful provider that he was. And, more than likely, that was the intent. But that statement got me thinking, after living an entire life ... that's all that can be said about me? I'm a hard worker? Not; gave selflessly to the community, made people smile with his off the wall humor, would help total strangers for the sake of helping, loved his family and friends more than himself, etc. Nope ... "hard worker". Donkeys are hard workers too ... where does that get them? All of us have so much to offer to so many while we live ... do we really want to be remembered as "hard workers"? Personally, I find it rather insulting.


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