Thursday, April 06, 2006

Independent Thought ... Not In My Classroom!

Well once again, the public school system has taken the standpoint of telling students that creativity, resourcefulness, and responsibility are not something the educational field has in the curriculum. Two schools in Long Island, NY have decided to turn the senior prom into yet another chance to reinforce the fact that independent thought and free thinking will not be tolerated by providing bus service to a scheduled prom dinner, and downgrading the dress code to semi-casual. School principal Brother Kenneth M. Hoagland of the Kellenberg Memorial High School cites that the recommendations for such measures came from the student body, but I wonder if a nudge was given from the administration figures as well. Let's face it, self expression (within common sense limits) is very important to teenagers, and the constant hampering of which ultimately causes the "dumbing-down" effect that so many say plagues our youth today ... and people wonder why a simple order at the fast food drive through is always wrong.


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