Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sometimes Your The 40mm ... Sometimes Your The Bug

Robert Colla, teacher of an adult education class, may be the next candidate for the runner up position of the Darwin Awards. Apparently, Mr. Colla kept a 40mm shell that he found while (oddly enough) hunting on his desk for a paper weight. During the class, an annoying bug of some sort kept buzzing across his desk. In an effort to rid the class of the distraction, Mr. Colla grabbed the 5 inch tall center-fire shell and slammed it to the desk. As a result of high shock extermination, the round went off severing part of his right hand and also caused burns and shrapnel wounds to the forearm and torso. Although Mr. Colla should be commended for his work with helping adults achieve basic educational skills, I'm willing to bet that all the "uneducated" students knew enough not to slam a firearm cartridge in such a manner ... it's just one of those things you don't learn in college.


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