Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Dog The Vegetarian

Dogs, by nature, are carnivores ... so why do they insist on eating grass? I have had my dog for eight years now and still cannot for the life of me figure out why an animal would eat something again and again, knowing the result will be a long drawn out agonizing regurgitation. At some point, most of us have gone out on a weekend bender and suffered the exact same outcome ... praying to the porcelain God. And after having gone through such an event, just about all of us are in no hurry to have a reprise. Many veterinarian experts have a wide variety of theories about this ranging from: "Dogs need to eat a balanced diet, including vegetation" to "they just enjoy it". Personally, I think Fido has ulterior motives. Perhaps the repetitive action is nothing more than a chance to get even for all the times you knocked your fist on the wall to see him run to the door barking (that one never gets old), or taunted him with the promise of cookies and never delivered ( ... guilty there). Maybe watching us scrub vomit out of the rug is just as entertaining to them.


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