Saturday, April 15, 2006

Weather Or Not To Watch

In the past, I've beaten up on weathermen pretty good on this blog ... because it's the only job in which the employee can be consecutively wrong everyday, and yet still have a job. And what's worse, is The Weather Channel (over the past few years) has deviated from an informational/educational format, and chosen to go to more of a reality t.v. direction with live on site storm forecasting whenever Mother Nature tosses any type of weather snafu towards the U.S. Well in this quest for realism ratings, three members of a Weather Channel camera crew were arrested for trespassing on the property of Sherry Bruce, who was killed when storms struck the area on April 7. A relative stated that no trespassing signs are clearly visible from the property line, and the crew was asked to leave multiple times but refused. When all viewers really want is to catch a forecast to plan their day, I must question ... is this reality t.v. thing getting out of hand? Besides, after living a reality all day, why would I want to tune in to someone else's ... there are much better ways to unwind.


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