Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hence The Name "Test Dummies"

A London, England man fell critically ill after volunteering to test TGN1412, a drug being developed for treatment of leukemia and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Ryan Wilson, who was paid £2,000 ($3,500) for taking part in the testing trial, had this to say: "When I woke up in intensive care after almost three weeks unconscious, I only realized how serious my injuries were when I saw my hands and feet were black. Then I put two and two together. ... I'm definitely going to lose bits of my fingers and toes. And they say I could be in here for another six months." Six other volunteers in the TGN1412 testing program suffered convulsions and organ failure as a result of ingesting the medicine. Boy ... I hope the $3,500 dollars for testing a never seen before drug was worth it, because now Mr. Wilson will probably be branded by his friends as "Stumpy".


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