Saturday, March 25, 2006

Roe Vs. Wade For Men??? ... GROW UP!

Men's rights groups are now claiming that if a man has no desire to become a father, and that his partner understands these wishes, he should have no financial obligation to support the child. Maybe these boys (real "men" own up to their obligations, not run away from them) that have nothing more in mind than personal selfish gratification, should consider the basic reason for sex ... reproduction. If you don't want kids, perhaps you should look at "taking care of yourself" instead. The risk of pregnancy from sexual relations is inherent no matter what provisions are taken ... the chance is always there and the possibility, no matter how remote, is just that ... a possibility. For all you ladies out there that may hook up with these irresponsible and selfish boys, please remember that there are real men out there that are not afraid to accept the responsibilities of their actions. And besides ladies, he obviously doesn't respect himself with that attitude ... why would he respect you at all?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men have been fathering children for years and walking away paying no financial support, so I truly don't get it. If a man does not want a child, perhaps he should just say no to sex. I personally don't know any woman who got pregnant intentionally (except the married ones whose husbands wanted children too), but I suppose there are women that get pregnant on purpose even when he says no. Why didn't he get a vasectomy?

March 31, 2006 7:49 PM  

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