Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who Looks Worse ... You Make The Call

Yes ... another frivolous lawsuit, this time a pilot claims his reputation was damaged. National Guard Maj. Harry Schmidt is suing the United States Air Force for releasing to the public a letter of reprimand he received after the accidental bombing of Canadian troops in Afghanistan in 2002. Major Schmidt mistook muzzle flashes at a training range near the Kandahar airport as enemies, and dropped a 500 pound bomb killing four friendly soldiers. As the old saying goes, "Where there's trains ... there's wrecks." obviously Major Schmidt did so accidentally ... that's not in question. But is of concern is that this pilot is suing the USAF for releasing his "you've been a bad boy letter". Well, why not let the public know you killed four friendly soldiers ... you screwed up! The Air Force couldn't have possibly ruined your reputation any worse than you already did. In fact, they themselves look worse ... for trusting you with a multi-million dollar aircraft with bombs!


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