Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Give Me Something To Believe In

A recent CNN poll found that President Bush's approval rating is only about 34%, although this number is actually slightly higher than last month when he hit his all time low of 32%. The poll results show that the majority (56%) of those questioned cite the ongoing, and in some cases, mishandling of the war in Iraq as the primary reason for such disapproval. But really ... I feel it's just been a long five years full of half truths, smoke and mirrors, and nominational whack-a-mole. I also have noticed that whenever President Bush is interviewed, he is immediately on the defensive ... before any questions are asked. And quite frankly, any speech or presentation given comes across as sloppy and unprofessional ... even he appears to not believe in what he is saying anymore. And honestly, how could any American believe in a president that doesn't believe in himself?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read today that Laura Bush said she doesn't believe his ratings are low, she gets her info from the Americans she talks to. There's 86,000+ members at one forum alone, that don't like him. Thousands more signing petitions to Impeach him. She also said he said he's doing all he can to keep us safe. That is, poor baby feels unappreciated for all papa george is doing. Barf.

May 14, 2006 6:19 PM  

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