Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Odds Just Got Better

Last week in Pennsylvania, primary elections were conducted within the commonwealth. But this is the first year in which computerized touch screen were used, rather than the old, green, lever actuated dinosaurs that required five men and a small boy to move. It's nice to see that voting, such a crucial part of our governmental process, has finally crept (and meeting quite a bit of resistance I might add) into this century. Now, it's no secret that politicians cater to senior citizens ... why not, they consecutively make up the majority of the voter turn out year after year. So the rest of us working folk are forced to keep on paying our taxes, and only dream of someday reaping the benefits our hard work (... yeah ... right ... social security will be there for me when I retire). But I had the last laugh when I saw the "gray panthers" show up to vote, only to walk right back out the door because they didn't understand those "computer things". Honestly, between the ads in the paper, nightly informational newscasts, special locally made and broadcast infomercials, detailed user instructions prominently displayed at the entrance and also inside the voting area, and even a live person to hold voters hands in the event they became confused along any step of the way, the state really went above and beyond to make sure everyone would know how to use the new machines. I mean really, it's a touch screen ... I thought the whole thing was pretty much self explanatory. Maybe now the working class will stand a chance?


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