Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Are You Talking To Me?"

The FBI is investigating a lead in the 30 year old disappearance case of Jimmy Hoffa. The focus of the search is a 30 foot by 100 foot barn located on an 80 acre horse farm in Milford Township, Michigan (about 30 miles west of Detroit). According to a tip from an individual whose name is not yet known, on the night of Hoffa's disappearance he/she reportedly saw a backhoe digging a hole near a barn that the locals knew the mob used for meetings. The tipster also went on to say that after that night, the barn was never again the sight of any mobster activity. Why the informant waited 31 years to come forward, nobody is sure. Although I am hoping that the case finally does come to a close for the family, I was really quite taken back by the lack of creativity. I've always considered the mob to be a group that did a job with pizazz ... you know, cement shoes, Colombian neckties... that sort of thing. But, maybe I just watch too much t.v.


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