Friday, June 09, 2006

Buy Out Vs. Burn Out

It seems that when gas prices go up, so do vehicle fires ... hmmm, coincidence or something more? Apparently, many owners of gas guzzling SUVs (just like Stanley Johnson) are in debt up to their eyeballs, and simply cannot afford to stretch the family budget any further when fueling up that brand new domesticated bus out in the driveway. The financial pressures of life finally catch up with them, and what sounded like a great deal on a lease with zero down and a term of 84 months, has all but put them into bankruptcy. So rather than be responsible adults and sell the vehicle to pay off what is owed, some find an easier solution in torching their ride and letting the insurance company take the hit. It sure seems like alot of trouble to go through when all they really needed was a station wagon or mid size sedan to get to the grocery store, drug store, or just tool around town. I guess looking financially successful is far more important than actually being financial responsible.


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