Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clogging Up The Corporate Server

On average I receive about thirty to forty emails a day from various friends and family. Most of which are legitimate communication whether it be a humorous joke or short story I may enjoy, or an old friend catching up on things. Just for fun, I started checking the time stamp and email account information ( from the incoming mail and realized about 80% of it came from corporate accounts during business hours, Monday through Friday. Obviously, many companies rely on internet communication such as email to conduct business ... so why not just check your personal mail while you're there? Great point, and duly noted ... but how about the people that send you a novel whenever they write to you? How would they explain to the person who signs their checks that their own personal bulk mailings were taking up a considerable part of their work day? Don't get me wrong, keeping in touch is important and vital to the survival of any business ... but so is employee productivity.


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