Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Whole World In Your Hands

When Google Earth launched last year, there was quite a concern from various governments fearing that such a program that allows users to zoom in and out of any location anywhere in the world using satellite imagery may be used to aid terrorists in the plotting of future attacks. Although that frame of mind is understandable, again ... common sense really needs to be applied here. Yes, free software available on the internet (such as Google Earth) can be used for less than friendly purposes. But again, we assume that people with the intention of doing harm are stupid and would be left powerless if such a program were inaccessible to the public ... yeah, they'd never think to go and buy it from just about any PC software store located in any mall in the United States. Or for that matter, just take a ride in a sightseeing plane for hire and snap off some pictures themselves. We all really need to start questioning what the true intentions of agencies are when we lose even the most trivial things in the name of homeland and/or national security.


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