Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bass Ackwards

About a month ago, a gentleman in the area was arrested for operating a vehicle without a valid drivers license. The reason why he was caught, is because he happened to cross over the centerline of the road and hit a motorcycle head on. The driver of the bike was unfortunately killed and the passenger seriously injured. In an investigation done by the local television news station, this driver had been caught operating a vehicle six times in the last three months with a suspended license. His driving privileges originally had been revoked due to a D.U.I. But, through his amazing feats of vehicular manipulation, managed to get pulled over five more times in three months. Anyway, he was released until Troopers file charges. In the mean time, at the local Sunday flea market, a couple of fine wares dealers were selling less than authentic name brand purses and were immediately put in the local county clink. I find it rather doubtful these fraudulent handbags are a greater threat to society than a multiple offender behind the wheel.


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