Saturday, October 01, 2005

Have I Got A Deal For You

What is the fascination with yard sales? People will come in droves to sift through forgotten about items that others just want to discard. Besides the remote possibility of finding a valuable gem in the piles of outgrown children's clothing and dilapidated yard machines, why is it some just cannot get enough of this vending experience? Here's my personal take on the whole thing. Over a period of time, all of us acquire items that either for some reason we do not need, or have since used to it's fullest potential/worn out. At which point, the items need to be eliminated from our lives and replaced with new items. From the sellers perspective, it only makes sense to try and turn a profit on used stuff, because taking it to the curb or dump may only incur charges for disposal fees. But on the other hand, from a buyers point of view, why would I choose to pay money for somebody else's junk? I know some may say, "I got a great deal on it." Well I would ask them, "Well, if it is that valuable, why are they getting rid of it? They must have a friend who could use it."


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