Thursday, September 22, 2005

Buckle Up ... It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride!

Vehicles on the road today are without a doubt safer than their predecessors, and I can only imagine they will continue on this path with all future makes and models. In fact, the well being of a car's occupants has become so paramount the auto makers (well ... and insurance companies) have devised a crash test rating system. But who buys a car on how well it crashes? That's like purchasing a house by how well it may cave in, or how fast it burns down! I don't recall anyone ever buying a certain brand water heater because that particular company had the least amount of explosions on record. I can honestly say my choice of vehicles always seemed to be a little more on the practical side. Typically, only two factors played any kind of role. The first being what I could afford, followed up by what suited my needs. Personally, I would be somewhat insulted by a sales representative initially attempting to sell me a car based on crash performance. Does he really think I'm that bad of a driver?


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