Thursday, October 06, 2005

Money Won''t Just Burn A Hole In Your Pocket ... You'll Need A New Pair Of Jeans By The Time You Spend It!

I ran into an interesting series of events today. You and I, as consumers, have a unique problem that I find hard to believe exists anywhere else but in this country. Last night, while tooling around the internet, I found an item that I wished to purchase. But due to some kind of website error, I could not complete the transaction. So, I waited until today to call the company that manufactures the item so I might purchase it over the phone. Well ... it seems that business is SO good, that there is no need for a sales representative to return any of my phone calls. In fact, they won't ever answer the phone! In any department! I finally got through to a secretary at 11:15am local time! (... THEIR LOCAL TIME!) It is now 8:32 pm, and I am still patiently awaiting any type of return correspondence. Don't fret, I found a similar item from a competitor. The rivals price was a little higher, but I can only imagine the reason for this is to offset the cost of someone there to answer orders that come in by telephone.


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