Monday, October 03, 2005

"Signs" Of Taxpayer Irritation

Today, I saw a troubling sign of the times. While motoring up the highway, I couldn't help but notice a sticker on the rear bumper of a contractors truck that stated "Keep working hard ... millions on welfare are depending on YOU!" At first I found this somewhat humorous, a subtle reminder of the abuse of our welfare system. Wait a minute ... good point! There are countless masses out there working long hours, and in many cases multiple jobs, to make ends meet and keep the bills paid. And yet somehow, our hard earned tax dollars are handed out to people with fictitious injuries, made up mental conditions, and phony handicaps. (But don't worry, these individuals are interviewed annually by the finest case workers that State and Federal agencies have to offer, so we can all rest assured that the system is not being exploited.) As for all the working people out there, at least we all have something that comes with every EARNED paycheck ... PRIDE!!!


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