Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Computer Called In Sick Today

What is the point of computer viruses? Just about all of us, unfortunately out of necessity, need to run some sort of virus protection/detection programs in our computers these days. It isn't like these afflictions are a product of a normal PC habitat ... they're machines, they don't get sick. If this is the work of frustrated computer programmers looking to settle some sort of score, to all of you I say "Get over yourselves you're not that important. There will always be someone who will work longer hours for less money and do the work in half the time. But if I may add some words of wisdom to turn this into something positive, age and experience will always overcome youth and enthusiasm." Sending computer viruses via either email or download raises one question in my mind. If you had a store that relied on a steady exchange of customers throughout the day, why would you as the store owner lock the door to prevent their entry? Handing out digital diseases to unsuspecting internet browsers just seems like shooting oneself in the foot. Ultimately, they really hurt themselves ... in the wallet.


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