Thursday, October 27, 2005

Politics As Usual

I am personally not interested, nor do I participate governmental politics. But, I do like to think that often times I offer a "kick in the pants" approach to the employment of common sense in everyday life. Unfortunately, politics sometimes is just that ... part of everyday life. Today, Harriet Miers took her name out of consideration for the Supreme Court amid a brewing showdown over White House documents. (So we are told.) I have not been following this entire process very carefully, but I do understand that this candidate has a lack of experience in the field. (Not to be held against anyone, but you kind of open the door to this sort of public scrutiny when you attempt to score a seat on the Supreme Court.) Anyway, my point is this; As a country, we give day care workers and garbage men a more rigorous assessment of job related skills than we do a Supreme Court Justice.


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