Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This Is A Prime Example Of "Things Coming Full Circle"

I received a letter from my local water company informing me that their records show that the water meter in my home is quite old, and I should contact them to schedule a free replacement. In other words, aging water meters have the uncanny ability of favoring the customer and we would like to change it. Not a problem. I am an honest person and believe in paying for what I use. But ... let's rewind a bit, to when I moved to this location from the other side of town. Two years ago, when I rented an apartment, I had to establish an account with the water company due to the fact I had never done business with them. With that I was charged a $35 account set up fee, and have always paid my bill on time and in full. When I purchased my home, which coincidently is serviced by the same water supply company, I was again hit with a $35 dollar account setup fee. I argued the fact that my bill has always been paid in a timely fashion, and I have never disputed any of the ridiculous surcharges that get tacked on to the statement. Hence, no need for another setup fee. But my requests went down in flames, and I was forced to pay the charge if I wanted water. Well ... WHO HAS THE UPPER HAND NOW??? Until I see a $35 credit to my bill (no interest ... I just want my money back), my current meter isn't going anywhere. Am I over reacting? ... Probably. But it's not like there are multiple water supply companies in the area, they have a monopoly. (And now a Mexican standoff) We'll have to wait this one out, and see who wins ... I'll keep you posted. Pardon the pun.


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