Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'll Find Someone To Point A Finger At ... I've Got Ten Tries To Get It Right

Today, legislation was passed by congress that prevents the firearms manufacturers from massive lawsuits by crime victims. Quite frankly, I was elated to see that the first stepping stone was put in place for personal accountability in this country. It's about time some law makers wiped the tears off their suits of family members looking to make quick money, and put the blame where it belongs ... to the holder of the weapon. Although modern technology and invention has produced some very unique and labor saving machinery that requires no human intervention to operate, guns still need someone to squeeze the trigger. Firearms are incapable of shooting themselves. But then again, if you sue the guy tipping over the mini market you won't get much money ... that's why he went there to begin with. Maybe I should sue all of the pen manufacturers ... because I failed my final exams in high school. Or, maybe I'll go after the speed limit sign makers for the "mental anguish" suffered from a speeding ticket I received back in 1994. I never really got over it, I've been carrying that harbored stress with me for years ... nothing a few million couldn't fix though.


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