Monday, November 14, 2005

A Way To Get Even

Those who are fortunate enough to be fluent in multiple languages, in today's world economy, have one up on those who are not. Obviously being bilingual, or even multilingual, would only further someone's career to further heights for apparent reasons. But, why is it becoming more and more accepted to force indigenous habitants of this country to take on a second language due to an influx of residents from other countries? No matter where anyone may come from, it's no secret that English is the common language in the Unites States ... anyone with a t.v. knows this, we beam them most of their programs. But to all those who may feel they are slowly becoming the minority because they only speak English, fear not ... there is a solution. Pig Latin. I know it's funny ... but it works. Example; My friend and I were playing a few hands of blackjack in a casino some time ago, when a small group asked if they could join in the table. Since we are both amicable people, we didn't hesitate to make new friends. In only two short hands of cards we went from an English table, to a non-English table ... INCLUDING THE DEALER!!! So with that, my friend and I struck up a conversation in Pig Latin. And after a few minutes, as quickly as it disappeared, everybody miraculously was speaking English again.


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