Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Civil Disobedience Went Out The Window When The First Brick Came In

Sometimes, in a political sense, when things may not go your way it becomes necessary to make people take notice of your cause. But as demonstrated in France, I really don't quite get the correlation between exercising religious freedoms and setting cars on fire. The problem of nightly riots in the streets is growing at an astounding rate. Last night, the national news reported that there is speculative evidence that says rioters may be communicating via the internet to organize. Honestly, I really didn't think that burning down random buildings and causing terror in the streets needed to be an orchestrated event. I always considered it more of a BYOMC (Bring your own Molotov Cocktail). If these thousands of people really need to make a statement to ensure their own religious freedoms, why not petition the government in a more suitable fashion. If thousands of people showed up on the Minister's doorstep to declare the need for religious freedoms, the politicians would listen ... they'd have to, there would be t.v. cameras there. But again, burning cars, smashing windows, and throwing rocks at the police may just be more fun.


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