Saturday, November 12, 2005

The People That Came Up With This One Obviously Don't Do Their Own Yard Work

In the name of being environmentally conscious, laws have been passed so that the only portable fuel storage cans available for purchase today are designed that when they accidentally tip over, no fuel is spilled to the ground. With the ever rising price at the pump, not to mention the responsibility we all share to try and protect our planet, this just makes sense. Until, you go to fill up that mower, snowblower or yard trimmer. Although these devices are environmentally friendly, they are also mechanically inept. A spill proof can, in theory, is a great idea. But what the engineers and designers failed to account for, is that the act of pouring the contents from the container to the appliance is a "controlled" spill. When I fueled up my grass cutter this afternoon, I got more gas on my driveway and mower than I did in the fuel cell. So, is it really that advantageous to mandate that all containers be "spill proof", when the consumer ends up polluting the environment anyway because the gas can will not pour correctly by design?


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