Friday, November 11, 2005

Grand 'Ol Flag

There are some that will argue legislation should be passed by congress to outlaw the burning of an American flag, with the only exception being a proper ceremonial destruction of Old Glory with full honors. Although my personal feelings are against any harm coming to the symbol of this country that so many fought for and some died to protect, I question whether personal freedoms that we all share under the constitution are slowly being taken away without our even noticing. If they keep slowly chipping away at the first amendment in an indirect fashion such as this, in time it will be illegal to peacefully protest at all. And with that, we can wipe out the eighth amendment too, so you can be held for a minor offence (such as protesting) without bail, fined 90 million dollars for the "crime" and tortured until society sees fit. A little over the top ... yes. Far from ever happening ... I'm not so sure.


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