Monday, January 23, 2006

Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

Some experts now believe that bottled water may actually contain more contaminants than tap water. Recent independent testing of major bottled water brands revealed that, aside from the fact there is no regulatory pureness standard for the industry, almost all bottling companies products contained traces of a wide variety of biological and/or chemical contamination. Personally, even as a high school Biology flunky, I've stated for years that once water is put in a bottle, mixed with air contained inside the sealed bottle, put in a 70 degree store with 24 hours a day of light ... something is going to grow in there. Where as tap water is piped underground, stays about 45 degrees year round, kept out of the elements, and IS subject to mandated regulatory quality standards. What really cracks me up, is many people claim drinking all this bottled water makes them healthier ... have you ever looked inside their refrigerators/freezers to see what these "health gurus" eat? They'll need alot more help than "natural" bottled water to stay fit.


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