Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Land Of The Free ... My Foot!

In New York City, smoking in restaurants and bars has been prohibited for some time. Advocates in favor of the ban feel that a healthier breathing environment for everyone is worth the inconvenience of tobacco users. Coincidently, many of these same people insist second hand smoke carries greater negative health ramifications than directly smoking. (It's kind of like saying that the burns from a muzzle flash of gun are more deadly than being shot.) Regardless of your views on smoking, there is more to the issue than health. At what point does the local, state, or federal government get off telling private business owners what to do in their own establishments? If the owner chooses to have a non-smoking store ... great, that's their choice. But being forced to comply with laws that may ultimately cause the demise of your business ... ridiculous. And just think, these people were elected to represent you and your interests.


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