Saturday, January 21, 2006

Environmental Priorities

With ever rising gasoline prices, many prospective car shoppers take the EPA fuel rating into consideration when purchasing a new car. Unfortunately, the formula used to determine the efficiency rating was last revised in 1985 when driving habits, vehicle construction, and traffic were not what they are now. It seems that even something as simple as a roll of toilet paper has seen greater design updates in the past 20 years. Many experts claim that the fuel efficiency ratings are not only incorrect, but can be wrong up to 50%. It's scary to think that an organization like the EPA, which is so concerned about the environment, hasn't pressured auto makers to produce vehicles that burn less gas. Instead, they've wasted their resources and time pursuing trivial things like checking people's gas caps for evaporation and cracking down on illegal/incorrect storm water run off. I guess if you don't address the issue, it doesn't exist ... the ostrich method.


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