Thursday, January 19, 2006

"I'm Not Going To Pay Alot For This Engine!"

Today I saw a news story that brings insurance fraud to an entirely new level ... what level it is, I'm not really sure. Apparently, a man that owned a newer model BMW suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure when the engine died. Rather replace the engine, the owner found it more cost efficient to rent a back hoe, and bury the vehicle in a wooded area so he could claim it was stolen to his insurance company. He did receive a claim payment of $20,000 dollars, but was somehow caught and forced to return the settlement money and was also fined $15,000 (pretty expensive engine if you ask me). It's amazing to me that someone is willing to dedicate that much thought, time, and effort into creating such an elaborate scheme ... wouldn't it just be easier to put in a new engine?


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