Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The FCC: Giving Mixed Signals?

Well as of 1/09/06, Howard Stern has moved his talk show to satellite radio. Many speculate that the transfer was because this radio "shock jock" racked up to many complaints from the public, and fines from the Federal Communications Commission. Others hypothesize that moving to a paid service, and hence putting the show out of reach from the FCC, will grant Mr. Stern for all intents and purposes an unrestricted license to take his program to all new heights of uncensored adult programming. Although I personally do not follow the Howard Stern Show, the whole thing got me thinking about the how the FCC attempts to uphold some sort of morals and decency throughout the broadcasting business. With that in mind, the advertising of beer and cigarettes are not acceptable material for television ... but condoms are. The same goes for radio, how many times have you listened to graphic and specific commercials for male enhancement products? I guess children listening to the secrets of "complete sexual satisfaction" is far better than hearing a beer commercial.


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