Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Victims Now Starring As Public Entertainment

I found out today that a bus company is offering tours of hurricane ravaged Southern Louisiana. For a mere $35.00 ($3.00 of which is donated to hurricane relief funds. Great ... more money pumped into the bureaucratic abyss), you too can roll through downtown New Orleans to see the devastation first hand. And as an added bonus, this bus company will take you through residential neighborhoods so you can, as one patron put it, "Feel the full impact the storm had." The only impact a bunch of rubberneckers loaded on a bus would feel, would be me throwing the softball sized fragments of what was left from the foundation of my home through their windshield! If the $3.00 donation rolled into the price of your ticket helps you justify your subconscious need to watch the misery of others, and makes you sleep better at night knowing you helped ... wonderful, I'm glad your that shallow. To really help, get off the bus and ask these people face to face how you can help them. Just the act of offering help in person goes much further than $3.00 ever will.


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