Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Example Of Stellar Customer Service

I know I've already went off on the lack of customer service today in an earlier post "Customer Service? What's That?", but yet again I find that employees have the attitude that they did the boss a favor by showing up for work. Tonight I didn't feel like cooking dinner and was in the mood for something different. So I hopped in my "heep", and took a ride down the highway to the closest Arby's. My initial intent was to hit the drive-thru and bring dinner back home, so I pulled up to the ordering spot and waited for an acknowledgement from the staff that I was there, before placing my order. So I waited ... and waited ... the line got longer behind me ... and we all waited. Finally, I decided to just go in to order. (Partly due to an overwhelming curiosity as to why nobody answered the talking menu.) After I finally got my order in, I noticed the store manager apologizing to all the customers about the wait. When she got to me, I inquired about the drive-thru wait. She laughed and said, "Oh ... when we get busy inside, we just don't answer it." and walked away chuckling. I couldn't believe what I just heard ... FROM THE MANAGER! "Why not kill two birds with one stone ... turn the light off so drivers don't go through" I replied. I didn't get an answer.


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