Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sony's Aibo Sent To Recycling Plant

Sony has announced that the robotics division of their corporation will be shut down due to a internal restructuring of the company. Many owners of the Aibo robotic pet dog are upset because Sony promised to maintain a supply of replacement parts for at least seven years (49 in dog years) after manufacturing. Aibo, which could be purchased for a mere $2,000, is a robotic pet dog that can recognize it's owner(s) and with the aid of a digital camera for sight, can chase a specially designed ball without bumping into furniture or walls. (Isn't that half the fun of having a dog?) Many owners say the likeness of this artificial canine to a real dog are extremely comparable ... I would "beg" (sorry ... had to throw that one in there) to differ. Minus the plastic, gears, batteries, microchips, wire, motors and cameras ... yeah, I really can't see the difference either. I'm really at a loss how people can love a walking computer that only simulates emotions. Real pets are family members ... fake ones are appliances.


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