Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Bad Enough He's On T.V. Again ... But Every Channel?

I, as did many other Americans, had better things to do last night than watch The State Of The Union Address. ... like clip my toe nails. When George W. Bush first took office, I liked him ... I really did. But somehow over the course of his term, I just got bored of listening to him, regardless of the content he spoke of or the presentation he gave. When I started asking around, I got alot of the same feedback from most people I talked to. I've heard the president referred to as everything from "like a broken record" to "out of touch with the working class" to "listening to him is like listening to your neighbors car alarm, you just tune it out after you've heard it so many times." The lack of public interest when the country's leader is on television addressing the nation, in my mind, speaks more loudly than any prescripted presidential speech ever will.


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