Monday, January 30, 2006

It's A War ... These Things Happen

Many members of the press embed themselves with troops in Iraq to provide a never seen before, up close and personal view of military operations. Unfortunately, it was just a matter of time until one of them got injured. Bob Woodruff and his camera man Doug Vogt were struck by a roadside bomb while riding in a military vehicle yesterday. Regardless of your views on the war, at least you and I back here in the states remember it's a war ... two opposing side fighting and killing for control of the same real estate. I often wonder if civilian news reporters on the battlefield forget about that. I wish all the best for Bob and Doug, but what's really troublesome is that over 2000 soldiers have already died in Iraq and not many recall their names ... nor do they get the amount of national news time Bob and Doug have. It's sad to see that once again, those who bring you the story are the ones you remember ... not those who MADE the story.


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