Thursday, March 23, 2006

Presidential Spontaneity

I happened to catch some of President Bush's speech from Wheeling, West Virginia on Wednesday, and found it to be nothing more than a haphazard (and halfhearted at best) attempt to raise public support for the war in Iraq. Obviously, President Bush has finally come to terms with the reality of his terrible approval ratings. Because whenever there is a substantial amount of public uneasiness about what's going on in Washington, you can bet George W. Bush will soon be having a public speech/forum from some small blue collar town, U.S.A. factory ... it never fails. And his speech writers must have just come off a bender, poor George appeared as though he quickly skimmed the teleprompter machine and didn't like the material he saw ... and anyone who happened to catch the speech can tell you, the President's ad-libbing skills have much to be desired. But finally, a chance at the end for the common citizen (that was hand selected and checked multiple times by the secret service for any security risks) to ask our nation's leader an impromptu (preselected and pre-approved) question about the war in Iraq ... what a joke!


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