Friday, March 17, 2006

It's All About Covering Your Doopa

Just about everything anymore come with some sort of disclaimer that releases companies, manufacturers, individuals, and who knows what else, from the "wiggle room" sought out by lawyers to make a quick buck because conditions (regardless of how trivial, obscure, or even relevant) were not brought to the attention of their client. Well, today I saw one that just flat out made me laugh. I happened to walk into the room during a commercial break and caught an advertisement for the game Scene-It. For those who may not know about this game, it's basically a game that utilizes a DVD player and a television to show scenes from movies, and the players must guess from what movie the scene being played is from. During the course of this commercial, I couldn't help but notice a disclaimer that was at the bottom of the screen that stated "DVD player and television not included" ... yeah, that's what it really said! Now, I understand that the makers of this game want to cover their bases ... but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the DVD player and the television couldn't possibly fit in the box (which, by the way, is the size of an average board game). Then it hit me ... some idiot somewhere must have tried to sue the company because they purchased the product and expected it to work even though they didn't own a DVD and/or t.v. set, citing they were victims of discrimination. What's even worse ... I wouldn't have even seen the disclaimer if I didn't have a t.v., so why not just say DVD not included?


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