Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Always Easier To Spend Someone Else's Money

Soon, the Nielsen Ratings will be showing the evening national news in the #1 spot for reaching the most viewers. Just as millions tune in every night to catch their lottery numbers for the evening, millions more are now glued to their televisions to see where oil prices have landed for the day. The general public consensus seems to be that people feel that congressional elected officials should step in to ease the blow on the American wallet by tapping into the national reserves, drilling in more domestic locations, or even setting forth laws to control what oil companies can charge consumers per gallon. Let's put it where it's at ... if the feds really cared about the issue, why not just temporarily change the amount of tax (42 cents per gallon average, varies state by state) we all pay until prices become more reasonable? Oh yeah ... that's right ... they don't pay for their gas ... WE DO!


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