Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Daily Grind

While driving along the highway today, I passed a man sitting on the shoulder of the road atop a knapsack that at first glance I thought was Santa Claus or the guy from ZZ Top... on a bender! After realizing that no reindeer, sleighs, or guitars were anywhere in sight, I figured that this was just some guy hitchhiking through town. At first, I felt sort of sorry for the man that was using a guide-rail for a chair back patiently waiting for his next ride. I mean, to have all his possessions packed into a beat up backpack, wearing dirty clothes that he's (without a doubt) had on for quite a long time, not showered since who knows when, probably hasn't eaten a decent meal in days, and has no idea where or when the last time he saw his family was. But then ... it hit me. He goes wherever he wants, when he wants, it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there (wherever "there" is), has nobody to answer to, has no bills to pay, and can say without a doubt ... "I've seen all 50 states!" While I work two jobs to keep the bills paid, he works his thumb to continue on his national tour ... you tell me who's nuts?


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