Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Thinking LPS

Recently, a man was robbed of $50,000 cash outside his home in Houston, Texas. Joe Maldonado, the victim of the theft, said "When I got home, I saw three people in back of my car with hoods over their faces and guns in their hands. They threw me to the floor and they took the briefcase from the trunk of my car." The robbers fled the scene and got away. Now ... I know my neighbors pretty well, but I would be hard pressed to time my meeting them at the exact time the got home from work, let alone have the luck to be able to tell when they were carrying large sums of cash on them ... and those are people I know. So how could a complete stranger just happen to guess this man would have such a considerable amount of money ... in his briefcase ... located in the trunk ... at 2:30 am??? This entire story gets boiled down either one of three ways: (1) A really lousy attempt at insurance fraud. (2) He's really irresponsible enough to carry that kind of money on him, and can't resist bragging to everyone to let them know he transports large cash assets with him on a regular basis ... otherwise known as LPS. Or, (3)The thieves watch entirely too much Deal Or No Deal, and didn't want to stick around and see what the banker was going to offer them to buy the case back.


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